Amy Trang, Ph.D, M.Ed. is VVHA’s Vice President of Administrative Services. She is also the founder and CEO of Social Capital Solutions, Inc., a management and consulting firm that provides program development and administrative services to U.S.-based nonprofit organizations. Dr. Trang is passionate about raising awareness about viral hepatitis screening and linkages to care services because she has had family and friends personally affected by it. In addition to VVHA, Dr. Trang also works with the National Task Force on Hepatitis B Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans as its Administrator, and HBI-DC as a Program Development Consultant.

Dr. Trang completed her doctorate degree in Public Policy from George Mason University School of Public Policy after transferring her doctoral studies in Culture and Values of Education from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). She holds a master’s degree in Social and Psychological Foundations of Education from the University of Virginia (UVA) Curry School of Education, and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from George Mason University. She has also been an adjunct faculty at UVA since 2000, where she teaches Asian Education, Anthropology of Education, Sociology of Education, and Critical Education Policy.